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QUIKBYKE's mission statement is simple: We want to get more of us off our car seats more often and onto bicycle saddles for 'fun, fitness and a greener future.'

Ever ridden an electric bicycle? Probably not; largely because unless you live in Asia or maybe Europe, chances are you didn't even know they exist, must less had the opportunity to try one.

QUIKBYKE International, aims to change this. We want to give tens of thousands of people the opportunity every day to ride an e-bike.


It's really very simple. We have developed an innovative rental model that allows Independent Operators, at little expense to them, to provide cruise passengers and vacationers in high traffic, highly seasonal destination locations with a complete solar-charged electric bicycle 'pop-up' rental shop. We provide the hardware and software, they provide the location and staff. We attract more customers for them and share the revenue. It's just that simple.

And when the season ebbs, QUIKBYKE relocates the 'shop', maximizing our equipment utilization rates and income potential for our investors. It's a win3 for all; especially for our renters, who get to experience, many for the very first time, the thrill of 'Riding the Current.'

QUIKBYKE's Business Model is Predicated on Five Global Trends:

  1. Global urbanization - The majority of mankind now live in cities where bicycles make imminently more sense than automobiles1.
  2. Aging tsunami - The number of people over 60 will exceed the number of children on Earth by 2047 2
  3. Resource limitations - A human population heading towards 9-10 billion inhabitants places growing constraints on the planet's resources, fostering the rise of...
  4. Collaborative consumption - The sharing of physical assets as an economic and ethical response to the consumerism of the last half century3.
  5. Eco-tourism - The sustainable pursuit of life-enriching experiences in place of an unsustainable and often unfulfilling accumulation of physical assets.4.


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Our state-of-the-art electric bicycle rental system permits vacationers of all ages a new level of guilt-free independence while ashore.


Our solar-powered 'pods' and e-bikes store energy in lithium-ion battery banks, enabling our facilities to be entirely grid-independent.


Our free mobile app and iBeacon-enabled bicycle racks allow you to discover your favorite ports-of-call as never before.


The Bromptons of London

British actor Hugh Bonneville arrives at BBC One on Brompton folding bike.

Help Us Pick Our First Rental E-Bikes

five electric bicycle candidate for Quikbyke rentals

We have five US-based electric bicycle companies who have responded to our RFP for our first e-bike order. We want your help in picking the bike you'd personally like to ride. Please take just a moment to review our five choices and vote on which one interests you the most.